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Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Detail Time: Setting the Stage for a Great School Year

Is the laminating machine on? Is there a roll ready for laminating new posters?

Do I have any new students? Do you have their records?

Do I have enough desks? The class is bigger this year?

It's detail time with the new school year right around the corner. Summer's big think is done, and now it's time to print and laminate all the mini-posters I created to capture the essence of that big think so that I can translate it into daily teaching and learning.

It's time to finish all the little, tiresome jobs that have sat idle on my to-do list all summer. Most of them require some kind of detailed paperwork and phone calls to receive refunds or reimbursements, and now that the summer fund is dry, there's a bit more motivation to collect those dollars spent at conferences, purchasing school materials, and doing summer work.

Most of the research is done, but there's a few minor points to organize and a short book or two left unread for now, books that will make good reading once the school year is set.

There's also a few end-of-summer gatherings to attend, and then that day will here--a day of homecoming and always a number of surprises too. I hope the weather cools off a bit as that will make the final days of prep a bit more successful too.

Sunday, August 20, 2017


There will always be challengers in your midst.

If you listen carefully to their words, you will improve your work, relationships, and commitments.

New School Year Prep Continues

As the new school year approaches, there's more to do in the days ahead to prepare:

Revised orientation efforts
Our team is revising orientation efforts which we'll continue to work on in the days ahead.

Schedules, spaces, and routines
Prepping materials, spaces, and routines for positive school routine

Paperwork and materials prep
There's a host of paperwork and materials to prepare which are outlined on this post.

Intersect classroom, grade-level, school, and system-wide goals/vision
I've worked carefully on classroom/grade-level goals with colleagues, and in the days ahead I'll work to intersect and develop those goals with all stakeholders as I hear their words related to the outlook for the year ahead.